龙迅的DP/eDP/eDPx/V-ByOne接口信号转换器有着多种接口格式,包括Transmitter,Repeater,Level Shifter,Converter等多种类型,已广泛使用于各种多媒体设备中。


Part NumberPackageDescriptionDownload
LT87121QFN-64Transmitter,eDPx to eDP/DP Converter
LT6711QFN-64/ BGA-81Transmitter: HDMI2.0 to eDP/DP1.2
LT9711QFN-76Transmitter: Dual-Port MIPI/LVDS to eDP/DP1.2
LT8718QFN-88Transmitter: RGB(TTL) to eDP/DP1.2
LT8911QFN-64Transmitter:2 port LVDS to DP/eDP
LT87101QFN-40Repeater: DP/eDP Repeater, up to 5.4Gb/s
LT86101XQFN-40Level Shifter: HDMI1.4/2.0 Re-driver and DP++ to HDMI Level Shifter
LT7211DQFN-64Converter:Type-C to 2 port LVDS, support 3D with Audio and PD Controller
LT7911QFN-128Converter:Type C /DP/eDP to 4 port MIPI CSI/DSI, support 3D with Audio and PD Controller
LT8711HEQFN-64Converter:Type C to HDMI 2.0,support PD Controller/Swift Charge/Billboard/U2 Switch with 2 CC,QFN48,7.5x7.5
LT8711UXQFN-88Converter:Type-C (DP)to HDMI 2.0 converter with 2 CC,resolution up to 4Kx2K ,60Hz
LT8711QFN-64Converter: Dual mode DP-VGA converter,compliant with HDMI 1.4 spec,support IIS 2-channel or SPDIF audio output